Johnathan Laird

Johnathan LairdJohnathan Laird, 32, is a Pharmacy Manager in Turiff, Aberdeenshire, where he has been working for 5 years. Johnathan has been shortlisted for his outstanding contribution to supporting people with asthma. When Johnathan read the national review of asthma deaths last year he was surprised to read that many were preventable and wanted to see how he could support this patient group.

Johnathan took the initiative to identify the patients who had missed their review appointments with the GP; taking the opportunity when they came to collect their prescriptions to speak with them and if possible carry out a review . Johnathan carried out over 40 reviews with patients and alarmingly his results showed many of the patients were in urgent need of assistance.

As a result of the reviews, changes in medication and ongoing monitoring has been enabled for those patients in need.

Johnathan and the GP practice team are now working closely together and some respiratory patients will now be supported directly by the team in the pharmacy.

Johnathan said: “My team and I are passionate about all our patients but I think this initiative shows how worthwhile it can be focusing on a specific patient group to deliver a real difference for them. It is an exciting time for us as my pharmacy team are gradually becoming a true extension to the GP practice team.”

One patient example that really sticks in Johnathan’s mind was a woman who was using up to 25 reliever inhalers a year. Following Johnathan’s intervention the patient has now vastly reduced her use of medication to the point where her asthma has stopped interfering with her daily life.