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The I Love My Pharmacist website has been created by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the professional body for pharmacists in Great Britain, to showcase and celebrate the great work that pharmacists do for their patients across the country. Find out about how you or your favourite pharmacist could be crowned "Britain's best pharmacist", by our I Love My Pharmacist award. This website will also tell you what pharmacists do, how they can help you, and when you can go and see them first instead of attending A&E or waiting for a GP appointment. We also regularly publish blogs on pharmacy issues which affect patients and the public.

Emily Rose, I Love My Pharmacist 2015 National Winner

I Love My Pharmacist 2015 winner’s story

Learn more about Emily Rose, our I Love My Pharmacist 2015 National Winner as she describes her journey in her own words. Why I entered I Love My Pharmacist I remember frantically trying to get through emails at the end of another busy day in my role as a Rheumatology […]


Antibiotics need saving

Antibiotics are life-saving drugs which have revolutionised healthcare. They are important medicines which help fight infections that are caused by bacteria. They cure many infections that might have been deadly serious in the past and make surgical operations safe. However, some infections are becoming increasingly resistant to the use of […]

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How could a pharmacist working in a GP surgery help patients?

Having a pharmacist working as part of the team in a GP practice isn’t a brand new idea. Rena Amin, pharmacist and partner at Hartland Way GP surgery, has been doing it for the last ten years. However, it’s far from the norm at the moment, but this could soon […]

Online pharmacies

The dangers of buying medicines online

The most recent tragic death from taking the chemical DNP in order to lose weight has highlighted, yet again, the risks of buying online from unregulated websites. Criminals are involved in the illegal supply of drugs and medicines, selling chemicals like DNP which they promote as a slimming aid. It’s actually a pesticide […]


The truth about “free Calpol”

You might have heard in the news, or seen a post on Facebook about “free Calpol” in which the poster claims “if you register your details under the ‘minor ailments scheme’, all medicines etc for children are free“, but what’s the truth? Well, some pharmacies operate a scheme called the NHS […]

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Confused about sun cream labelling? 6 things worth knowing

A recent survey by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of 2000 adults showed that only 8% of people understood that the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) only provides protection from UVB rays and the star rating indicates protection from UVA light. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of six things […]

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What you need to know about drugs and driving

A new law on driving after taking drugs and medicines came into force  in March in England and Wales. This law will make it easier for the Police to tackle those who drive after taking illegal drugs or abusing medicinal drugs. Basics of the law The new law makes it an offence […]